Left/Right Authoritarianism

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Today’s blog of the AFSCME–the Left-liberal labor union of government employees–reports that a federal district judge in Miami this morning declared that Florida’s conservative Governor’s executive order of random drug testing for all state employees is unconstitutional.

No kidding. Thank God, again, for the nation’s Founders making the judiciary a check on the power of the other two branches of government.

A Frederick Taylor ‘scientific management’ argument could be made that it is the idiocy of management that sends workers to form a union. Random testing of every employee? This is the third time that random drug testing has been turned down by the courts in Florida; when will the conservative governor get a clue?

A voluminous amount of academic research declares that authoritarianism is solely a phenomenon of the conservative Right. That’s blatant “confirmation bias” by Left-liberal academics–the extreme Left is every bit as authoritarian as the extreme Right–but this clueless Florida governor appears to be determined to prove that authoritarianism has a home on the conservative Right. Clearly, this manager is no freedomist…but then, neither is the labor union.